Focus on Flims, Grisons, Switzerland

Sometime good photographs are created purely by accident and somehow they manage to convey being in a place better than more carefully crafted images. Here is one examples.  A completely out-of-focus photograph that nonetheless renders well the feeling of being on a viewing point, slightly above a small town whose lights are all on due to the almost complete nightfall.

Out-of-focus Flims by Moonlight

The in-focus version kind of loses some magic, but obviously gives a more detailed description of the place, including some moonlight shining on the snowy slopes of the background mountains.

Flims by Moonlight

Calzedonia senile

Via San Vincenzo - Genova - 2008

Cercare per strada la frattura montaliana…
lo scorcio che ci permette d’intuire la verità sottostante.
Il desiderio si scontra con il limite,
l’abbondanza con l’inutilità,
mentre scatto e passo via.

Sea Resorts in Winter

Bagni Europa - Genova

Bagni Doria - Genova
Bagni 7 Nasi - Genova

Cloudy December Sunday morning walking alongside deserted sea resorts. Empty beaches, gloomy sea, looming clouds. A clear strip on the horizon where some light shines through.  Ships that look stranded offshore, waiting for summer to return.

Baroque music concert

Baroque Music Concert
Baroque Music Concert

I was there to photograph the musicians playing, trying to get a more intimate portrait while tuning their instruments. People were coming back from break and I was fascinated by the beautiful player, who then stared at me exactly when the woman in blue was passing. I did not give this photo to my commissioner, but I think it is one of the best from that evening.


Blur night car driving
Night car driving blur

Speed is becoming a common denominator to modern lifestyle. But what happens when you constantly live over the speed limits? Everything becomes blurred, to the point you cannot distinguish your road: your destinations confuse with the goals set for you by other people. You do not see the details and might crash.