Book review: Big Data Analytics: A Management Perspective by Francesco Corea


I stumbled upon Francesco Corea’s writings on Medium and I started following his posts about Data Science and AI strategy. They are concise, clear and no-nonsense. Intrigued, I plunged into his book. To my disappointment. Let me explain.

Blog posts such as his are compelling exactly due to their straight statements, clarity and conciseness.  One does not expect a thorough treatment of the subject matter, but a precise statement of opinion.

A book is a different story. It offers the space and time to delve deeper into the subject, provide proper arguments and evidence, illustrate through the use of a multitude of real examples. All of this lacks from Corea’s Big Data Analytics: A Management Perspective. Indeed, it is only 48 pages long. The penultimate chapter titled “Where are we going? The path toward an artificial intelligence” is four-paragraph long, plus a paragraph for the abstract.

Don’t take me wrong. The book does make sense and it offers good advice and a quick overview of the trends and key terminology of big data analytics, but it feels just like a sketch, a book outline more than a proper book.

Book critique apart, I will continue reading Corea on Medium. I’m curious to see where he is going, since I perceive a certain strong ambition to become a key thought leader in this area. But the road is still long.

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