Links of the week

Balda_200608_Trek_156.jpgSunset on the north face of the Cima del Cantun (m. 3354) reflecting on a small lake, Val Bregaglia, Switzerland.

How could we do this? – SUM
A concise summary of Yuval Harari’s Sapiens, which I read last year and left me profoundly impressed about our history.

Deep, Deep Trouble – Micheal Elad
Elad reflects on the impact of deep learning on image processing. Should we throw away rigorous mathematical models for the improved, but black-box, performance of deep learning?

Can the brain do back-propagation? – Geoffrey Hinton
A seminar from last year by Geoffrey Hinton at Stanford on why he thinks that the brain can actually do back-propagation, addressing four obstacles raised by neuroscientists.

A Brief History of CNNs in Image Segmentation: From R-CNN to Mask R-CNN – Dhruv Parthasarathy
Well written post about the development from AlexNet to Mask R-CNN for pixel-level image segmentation.

Should You Listen to Music While Studying, The Pi Model and Learning How to Learn w/ Dr. Barbara Oakley – Scott Young
Interesting 20mins conversation about learning techniques and tips.

Escaping The 24-hour Dystopia – Unlimited
“Busyiness has become a global cult”. We cannot keep pace with the online onslaught of information. What’s the cure? This article overviews some technological solutions: brain enhancement, supersonic travel, Neuralink and others. My take is that we must first consider behavioral solutions instead.

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