Links of the week

Balda_20120325_D700_3741Sunday morning in Brick Lane – March 24th, 2012

Flow doesn’t lead to mastery – Scott Young
While many seek a state of flow as way to deliver one’s best, research on deliberate practice shows that one has to go beyond flow, to a state of high and uncomfortable intensity in order to achieve mastery.

What do Hiring Managers Look For in a Data Scientist’s CV? – Ben Dias
The title explains it all. A great post to read if you are applying for a data scientist position, or are hiring data scientists.

The Obvious Value of Communication is Perhaps Not So Obvious – Study Hacks
Hyperconnected offices (email, slack, smartphone) may just be a very poorly designed distributed system. How can we improve that?

Book Review: The Wisdom of Insecurity – Scott Young
Scott writes a wonderful, if not a tad too long, review of The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts, expounding Watts’s view of Zen philosophy. I particularly enjoyed how Scotts blends summary with his own opinions. To learn from for improving my own reviews.

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