Links of the week

How Einstein Learned Physics – Scott Young
Scott digs into Einstein’s biography to reveal how the genius approached learning.

Domain Knowledge in Machine Learning Models for Sustainability with Stefano Ermon – TWIMLAI
An excellent podcast about machine learning for sustainability and how to incorporate domain knowledge into models.

Wrestling With A Future Of Two-speed Time – Unlimited
An overview of the times to come with respect to perception and use of time.

Discarded Hard Drives: Data Science as Debugging – Inverse Probability
Neil Lawrence shares his view on how to frame computer scientists to tackle data science project.

The Best Data Scientists Get Out and Talk to People – Harvard Business Review
Most the of useful information is not digitized, so a good data scientist needs to talk his way to it.

Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence? – Scientific American
A comprehensive, multi-essay, investigation on the future of society and the impacts of the digital and AI revolution.

Romain Mader
Young and funny Swiss photographer Mader receives the Foam Paul Huf Award.

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