Links of the week

To Become A Data Scientist, Focus On Competencies before Skills – Guerrilla Analytics
A good short blog post about the core competencies of a data scientist.

Reprogramming the Human Genome with AI featuring Brendan Frey – This Week In Machine Learning and AI
Very interesting podcast about Frey’s research on using machine learning to model molecular biology process for understanding genetic diseases.

The Man Who Wants To Kill Your Desk Job – Unlimited
Have you ever heard of Roam, the co-working and living spaces startup?

The DIY Cyborg Who Thinks Tech Can Help Us Cheat Death – Unlimited
If you could live up to 150, would you still stress out about your career? And other views for a leading biohacker.

Yuval Harari Works Less Than You – Study Hacks
The bestselling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus meditates one to two hours of meditation per day. Each year he goes to one-two month retreats, completely offline. And still manages to be a best-selling author and tenured professor at 41.

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