Chris Floyd: 140 Characters – REVIEW

One-hundred and forty characters is the length of a typical text message and also the length of Twitter messages. Nowadays we communicate as often (if not more) online as in real life and conversations can proceed online for months without ever meeting in person. When Chris Floyd realised that too much time had passed from a meeting face to face, he embarked in this project of photographing the people he follows on Twitter.
Thus, we got his 140 characters, shot in high-contrast black and white against a white, featureless background, identified only by their Twitter name.  They are lively people indeed, not as Tagliavini’s Dame di Cartone, and could well be our own online friends.
They have a confident and relaxed demeanour in front of the camera. But still, they are total strangers to me.
We can relate to them only if we have a similar online life and we miss embodied voices.

But, now I ask myself:
How much it is important to know about an artistic project background?
How important is it that these people are online friends and not colleagues or everyday friends?
How would my appreciation of these portraits change?

From 140 streams of 140 letters to 140 characters on a white canvas…maybe it makes sense only to the artist.
Indeed, it it his bokonian karasss, and not ours.

140 Characters
Chris Floyd

Host Gallery
1-5 Honduras Street
London EC1Y 0TH. UK

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