Berlusconi wins again

It is easy to see why.
For one more time, the political debate in Italy is forcibly focused on something that little has to do with politics and the real problems of the country.
For one more time, the media is inundated with analyses, comments and opinions on events that distracts from the most pressing topics:  the mafia charges raised against some high-profile politicians, including Mr. Berlusconi; the status of the Italian economy, which, despite the comforting words of the government, is in reality in a very bad condition; the problems with the justice system, on one hand the bureaucratic intricacies that lead to extremely long processing times, on the other the persistent political attacks on the judges and prosecutors.

I think Mr. Berlusconi is not suited for governing for one very simple reason: he does not have the time.
He should attend his trials for corruption, bribing and illegal corporate actions. For governmental reasons he often does not go the courts, but spends an incredible amount of time, even abroad during official visits, attacking the judges and prosecutors, raising his voice to condemn the red-tunics, so called communist prosecutors.
He has his football team, Milan, to care about.
He has his media empire to care about.
And even has many women to care about.
Where can he possible find the time to care about the country?
I want a prime minister, right or left, that works full time, like many of us. A prime minister that works for the good of the country, allowing divergent perspectives of course.

Mr. Berlusconi wins again.
Because he is again in the spotlight.
Because once more all the attention of the people, of the media and of the other politicians is taken away from the real issues.

Mr. Berlusconi was hit in the face and I am sorry that someone felt such a strong urge to resort to violence, which I always condemn. It is important to say that violence comes from anger and anger, very often, is caused by some good reasons.
But one should find ways to express his anger that do not include violence, never.

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