How business works in Italy – an example

Let’s imagine you run a company that produces waste.
Your toxic and radioactive waste must be disposed.
You look for some other company that will dispose it for you at the lowest price. You have a deal and don’t bother checking where your waste ends up.

Let’s imagine now that you want to make big money, have strong acquaintances, but also money to invest and don’t mind threatening and using violence. Then you corrupt some people to let you win the competitions for disposing of public waste and you start destroying the competitors. Then you also have very clever ideas on how to dispose the toxic waste very cheaply. You set very low prices and attract clients.
You load ships full of waste and sink them in the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Italy or in Somalia. If someone sticks his nose, you buy or kill them, like it seemed happened to journalist Ilaria Alpi and her cameraman.

Sounds too imaginative?

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