A blog

I feel my blog belongs to me, it is my personal space through which I share my thoughts with the world. Of course it matters who is reading, but I do not need to know exactly who it is. I don’t use it to advertise a certain image of myself. I write in my blog because I have an instinctive urge of communicating certain ideas (or photographs since more often than not, they are expression of my ideas and feelings, but also my discoveries about the world).

I surely miss a stronger feedback, but I reckon that with time and dedication, it will come by itself.

I had a facebook-intense period lately, and now I realized how I was using it to request feedback. On anything. Be it my new photographs, or a cool comment I made on someone else status or, you know, the myriad things devised to make you feel closer to your acquaintances (they cannot be all friends!), but in reality these mini-snippets-of-intrusion-into-others-lives are stealing your attention. And time. Hey, the phone still exists. Why don’t I use it more?

Of course, there remain aspects of FB that are positive. For instance the ease with which you can get back in touch with people you met during a vacation, a conference, a festival, a road trip. And then plan for the next meeting. Sometimes I feel shy in calling people by phone. It feels too obtrusive. But now I feel I should intrude more in those friend’s lives I care most.

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