SoFoBoMo – Day 3

A quieter day. Not so much time spent photographing and not so much going on in the streets.

I remember one episode of BBC’s “Genius of Photography”, where one young photographer just arrived in NYC to document the streets, wrote in his notebook: “Don’t take boring pictures”.
I try to follow his advice, but often times I can’t see much happening in the streets of Genoa.

Genoa is the main city of Liguria, a northern coastal region of Italy. Ligurians are notorious for their diffident nature and are easily annoyed by a nosy photographer. I can tell it from the looks they give me if they suspect I am photographing them.

Genoa is not a very active cultural hub, especially on the young side. Milan, Turin or Rome are better territories for street photography, but this is my city, these are the streets I walk every day. Maybe, if this project goes beyond my expectation, I could try to replicate it on another city, but for now I having serious difficulties in capturing good photos.

Anyway, another characteristic of Ligurians is that they always complain, as I am doing right now. Better stop.

I chose a title for my book: PROXIMITY.
I think it well reflects the content and concept of my project: my place and the people that live very close to me and that I do not know. Who are they? What do they do? Naturally I am not bold enough to go and ask, but try to infer the answers for these questions by attentively looking.

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