SoFoBoMo – Day 2

Day 2 has been less intense than the starting day. I had less time to dedicate to photographing. I tried to be more daring, I even asked a stall vendor at the local market if I could take his picture and got it. I think the market, with its colorful stalls and bizarre people and the hustle and bustle of the shopper will be a main focus of the project.

I also had a problem with one of my compact flash, a four-year old Sandisk Ultra II 1gb. My Nikon D70 started displaying an annoying CHA error, which means that the photo I just took did not write to the CF. Turning off and on the camera seemed to temporarily correct the issue, but it would present itself randomly later. It is very annoying because I don’t know when I could lose a photograph.
Strangely enough it happens only with this CF, with an identical one, but a little newer and less used, never had a single problem. I contacted Sandisk: since the CF has a lifetime warranty, maybe I can get it replaced.

Today it will be the third day, I hope to manage to hit the streets later at sunset and exploit the low light.

Good SoFoBoMo to everyone!

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