SoFoBoMo – Day 1

Yesterday I started my SoFoMoBo, the Solo Photographic Book Month. In 31 days I will try to shoot, edit, compose and print a finished photographic book.

We, amateur photographer, hold in mind that a photographic book is a very important photographic achievement, but always procrastinate committing to one because we feel our photos are not good enough, we don’t have a precise project and we think it will take too much time. The SoFoBoMo is a shaking initiative, aimed at defeating these fears and get the damn thing done!

My project will consist in photographing the streets and their life around my home in the city center of Genoa. I’m not a street photographer and find difficult photographing strangers. But the photos that most inspire me are street photographs. I think that a good one is capable of conveying in artistic form strong emotions, emanating from the disposition and appearance of the people photographed. I think at Henry-Bresson, Willy Ronis, Meyerovitz, Egglestone, Parr, (this list will expand as I remember other names).

For my project I chose a place very accessible to me, a place I could return easily day after day. A place I know very well and it is interesting how I will start seeing it differently with the book in mind.

Yesterday I shot my first photos, around a Gigabyte of them. I still have to download to the PC and check what I have shot. But even without seeing them I have learnt that I have to be braver, don’t be ashamed of photographing strangers in their face or ask their permission to take their photograph. I tried to not let them know I was photographing them, but maybe I should let them know, let them take part in this project of mine.

Today is the second day and I will try to be less shy. I am very enthusiastic about my SoFoBoMo: in 30 days it will be a finished book, good or not doesn’t matter. It will be something I have done and an experience I have lived.

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