More force in this one, a faster flow, a stronger trace.

It was shot returning from a two-day trip in the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Italian Western Alps. We slep at the Giraudo Bivuac, set on a rocky bluff encircled by ragged peaks, below a large meadow where the occasional ibex grazed. Lower down the pine and larix forests and the more timid chamois. It was late spring, the brooks full with water, the flowers in full bloom. You could physically feel the life explosion, the hectic preparations for the summer lust.

Reading into the photo….

..our experiences can take several tastes, sometimes they are impetuous, unavoidable, uncontrollable. They hit and drag us, overwhelm our planned course. I think art can convey all these ideas with direct signs, but also isn’t actually the viewer to put his/her ideas into the artwork?

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