Dear readers,

yesterday I had my oral examination on States of Matter, but unfortunately and unsmartly I did not prepare too well, so the professor told me to return after I’d revise some topics. One of which is Thermodinamic Potentials, a set of formulae I never managed to learn by heart. Now I learnt the lesson and memorized them for ever!

Having to continue studying this subject I must also delay the writing of a small thesis on revealing of deterministic pattern from seemingly chaotic sets of data; part of another exam: Dynamical Systems and Neural Networks.

Furthermore, before Xmas, I’d like to pass the Oceanography exam too. This one should be pretty easy, as reported by my dear collegues, but who really knows what can happen?

Apart from these studies, my life is proceeding as usual: lots of indoor climbing, numerous and fractured readings, some shots, which you can view by clicking the link on the right of this page.

During the past days I was musing on the role of metaphysics on the acquisition of knowledge. My point of view keeps uncontrollably oscillanting between a complete and furious realism-materialism and an absolute solipsism. When I’ll manage to solve my paradox and have a better picture of my views on these delicate philosophical issues, I will report on you, hoping to share some of your thoughts too!

Well, take care you all and love life!

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