Dear friends,

I am very satisfied, this Blog is working! I mean, it succeded in bringing Marcus back to communication life!

He is good, living in Shangai and working as a Management Consultant, though he still doesn’t know what that means! Kyrre’s been with him for a week and now is back in Oxford to study International Relations. I think I will pay him a visit in the near future. That means I will be in England and must arrange to met other yous too.

About me, getting really bored studying States of Matter, a coming exam on the 2nd of October. I am just getting lost in all those models and integrals 😦

In the meantime I am trying to complete reading the The Mind’s I. A marvellous book on the origin of consciousness and related problems, like the free will. It is composed by Daniel Dennel and Douglas Hofstadter, the author of Godel, Escher, Bach. The book contains numerous essays and kind of sci-fi short stories by other philosophers and scientists. I promise that in the coming posts I’ll try to sum up my new acquired knowldege in these topics.

In the end….I must warn you to not take life too seriously, don’t get overwhelmed by the daily stresses, it is not worthwhile. But if you feel deeply inside you a yearn for something, to create, to travel, to visit a far place, just do it, wake up and hear the call:

Come on guys! Wake Up! It is WorthWhile!!!!


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